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Austin, TX

This company in the oil and gas industry sought to upgrade their existing two floors, which hadn't been updated in over 20 years. In this building boastings great views of the City and the greenbelt, flooring, millwork, and furniture was replaced to modernize their space. The lease included part of the building’s roof deck, transformed into a large break room as an employee amenity. A traditional kitchenette as well as pre-made food purchasing, games, and a quiet lounge area were included for a variety of gathering spaces and conveniences. The built environment was neutral and textural to accent the company’s bright green in custom murals and also in the felt linear lighting. A help desk off the break area allowed employees to get hardware/software assistance. HR offices maximize privacy needs while meeting rooms and a quiet room are nearby. 

Architect of Record

Jennifer Keaton while at Carson Design

Photography © Fine Focus Photography

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