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Plains Capital Bank

Austin, TX

This project consisted of a full-floor downtown with a branch bank downstairs.  The tenant usually had a very traditional Texas look with dark woods and large artwork.  The Austin branch wanted to be true to their Dallas brand but bridge more contemporary Austin flavor.  A demountable wall system around the perimeter allowed for natural light and shared views for all.  The system was cladded with the traditional mahogany but introduced some textured glass.  The break room added a putting hole complete with a fire rated hole that was interesting to source.  The executive suite had a shared game room with a mini-bar that evoked feelings of the wild west with antiqued mirrors and curved counters of dark green marble to tie in the poker table finish. 


The branch downstairs had the traditional  conveniences of an ATM machine and security deposit boxes but added wall textures and lighting feature the brand name.  Jennifer’s favorite story  was the Buffalo head that traveled on a flat bed truck through the streets of downtown Austin to arrive at his new home, only to find that one side of his hair was bleached from the sun in his previous location. 

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